Physics and Math tutoring in the Alkmaar area 

Experience shows that working in mini classes or duos gives the highest learning outcomes. One student can then try a task, while the other gets an explanation about the same subject. In addition, the student also learns from the pitfalls of the other. This is no longer possible in a regular school class, sometimes with more than 30 students, because there is little time for individual attention from the teacher and there is a lot of distraction. At Bètabooster, Wouter is immediately ready for you if you get stuck! 

So if you have a common stumbling block in your class or during your studies, put together a mini-class and we will tackle your problem together and give a boost to your understanding! Together we make a plan of action, so that we practice with the material well in advance of the test or exam. We hereby direct as much as possible what will be asked for the test, and if necessary also request additional training material from the school or further education.